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Friday, October 13, 2006


This is a thought-provoking post from The Prayer Book Society website.

This is not to say that I agree with it or with the line given by this group in general. The logic of Fr. Toon's argument, however, is quite clear. We will not argue against the "liberal" side, since I am assuming that there are no left-wing ECUSA "queer" tree-worshippers reading my blog (though you are more than welcome if you are). On the other hand, what he says about the "Anglo-Catholics" really hit the ball home for me.

Does Anglicanism have a future? Is the future in the Continuum some sort of "Catholic Tridentinism-lite", turned in on itself and archaic like an old lamp in the attic? What is the point of being Anglican if you don't take the Book of Common Prayer and the 39 Articles seriously? (Should they be taken seriously? It's not as if they are the Nicene Creed.)

Maybe we shouldn't be too fundamentalist about these things either way. But if we cease to take these things seriously, what is the point of putting the word, "Anglican" in front of our churches? We should just become Old Catholics and be done with it.


At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fr. Toon has a good point on this. Many parts of the Continuun have fallen into an vaguely English Old Catholicism. Its pandenmic in the APCK, without notably exceptions such as Fr. McGrath's parish near Seattle.

But the good news is that Archbishop Haverland of the ACC has discouraged this with some modest steps. First, I believe the ACC is now rid of all parishes that used the Latin Mass of the Gregorian Canon translated into English. Second, the Archbishop does seem to be discouraging Roman Use and liturgical diveristy (which means in context that the Ritual Notes/Missal center of gravity should be more respecting the English Use and Paryer Book crowd, which are more predominant in the South.

In sum, if the Continuum is to have a viable future, it must be with English-Use, Prayer-Book Catholicism. I think Archbishop Haverland realizes this, or soon will should B16's universal indult materialize (perhaps as a Christmas gift?). When that happens, the true uberspikes will just be Romeward bound and the Continuum will have precious little swag if not BCP Mass.

In sum, hope spring enternal.



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