The Sarabite: Towards an Aesthetic Christianity

There is a continuous attraction, beginning with God, going to the world, and ending at last with God, an attraction which returns to the same place where it began as though in a kind of circle. -Marsilio Ficino

Monday, January 16, 2006

Clarifications on my opinions

I suppose that is the real danger of having a blog: I have been contacted by one particular individual thinking that I was some sort of "Lefebvrist" or leaning toward that. I have a great respect for the opinions of traditionalists, but I also diverge with them on a great deal of issues as well. Truth be told, I am now asking myself bigger questions than that of the Mass and the Social Reign of Christ the King. I don't want to get bogged down in these polemics; for me there are bigger fish to fry.

Please note as well that these are "on the fly" reflections. God has given me the ability to think and write quickly. All that I write today is what I am thinking TODAY. As I said in my manifesto, I am not looking for definite answers, but I am not trying to hide uncomfortable truths either. By my posting my thoughts, I truly hope that people will "chime in" and let me know if they agree, disagree, or they think I am just being a tempremental Latino. But don't take anything I say as dogma, because I don't either.

Thanks for reading and God bless,

Arturo the Sarabite


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