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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Vatican recognizes Ukrainian prelate's move to Kiev

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Some thoughts:

First of all, why does Husar even need the Vatican's approval? I thought he was a major archbishop, and thus could do as he likes?

Secondly, there are NO Greek Catholics in Kiev. Why bother moving your seat to a city where you have no faithful? It would sort of be like moving a bishop back to Hippo in North Africa (probably all that is left of this city is a sand dune.)

Maybe the Russian Orthodox are right, this might just be proselytism (open up a church and see who comes in.) Most of Eastern Ukraine is godless anyway, since the Communists did a real good job eradicating religion there.

(One funny anecdote from a friend of mine: he was on a sleeper train going into Eastern Ukraine when he saw a man, at seven in the morning, eating a jar of pickles, eating congealed pig fat, and drinking a bottle of vodka. This is not unusual for a Ukrainian man, but he was also reading a Bible at the same time. When my friend asked him why he was reading the Bible, he responded by saying:

"Well, I'm a construction worker, and I have just gotten a job building a church. I asked my friend what a church is, and he responded, 'well, it's in the Bible.' So I'm reading up on it now."

True story)

Just another wacky episode in Byzantine Christian incestuous politics.


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Don't side with the schismatics


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